Pandora Jewellery Bead Supports Breast Cancer Charity

Lovers of Pandora Jewellery’s hugely popular charm bracelets have been granted a fantastic opportunity to show their support for one of the most influential breast cancer charities in the UK by wearing a special pink ribbon bracelet.

Pandora Jewellery will donate 15% of the price of their new bracelet to cancer charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer on every purchase of their special pink leather bracelet designs.

Breast Cancer affects around 1 in 8 of the female population of the UK at some time during their lives. Although this 1 in 8 figure slightly overestimates the likelihood of breast cancer, particularly in older people where the cancer is less likely to be the only prevalent disease, the prevalence of the disease still makes it amongst the most common forms of cancer in the United Kingdom.

As a result of this, nearly 48,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK with around 12,000 dying each year. In Scotland and in some other areas of the UK it has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Family history is a factor in around twenty percent of cases, but the majority occur where there is no evidence of a genetic link through the generations, but are instead due to other health and lifestyle factors. Although primarily found in women, breast cancer also affects men with around 300 diagnoses per year.

The Pandora Jewellery collection offers the opportunity to own a series of bracelets specially developed to help support the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. The Silver and Pink Braided Leather Limited Edition bracelet combines the finest pink coloured leather with a 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver clasp. The braided leather bracelet is available in 20.5 CM, 19 CM, and 17.5 CM wrist sizes meaning that a comfortable size fitting exists for all collectors of Pandora regardless of the size of their wrist or the amount of beads added.

The unique Pandora Jewellery system allows beads to be securely fitted to the bracelet without the danger that the beads will be lost or accidentally fall from the bracelet during use, especially when paired with a safety chain. The bracelet also acts as a basis for the system, allowing the wearer to add new beads as required. It also allows the beads to be transferred to a different bracelet, such as the Sterling Silver bracelets to create a different look to match, say, a new dress. The ability to remove beads also gives the wearer further options to customise their look to match the colours of the season, both in fashion or nature.

The qualities embodied within the special Breakthrough Breast Cancer Bracelet are sure to make it a sell out within a very short space of time, giving something special to the wearer of the bracelet, but more importantly raising funds for one of the most important charitable causes in the UK at a time of restraint in other spending, such as government grants in to research on such diseases, and lower disposable income amongst the charities’ traditional supporters.