Shimano Jigging System: A System for the Shimano Jigging Experience

What is the difference between a Shimano jigging and any other jigging for that matter? Well, let’s start with the company name. Shimano has well-established name in the fishing world. It is a brand that makes fishing more than just a job or career. It is a brand that understands effective challenge. This means that all the equipments by Shimano provide productive catch, right dragging, and appropriate response for retrieval and release. Because Shimano equipment has this feature, anglers have relied on the brand for many years.

Shimano has kept its reputation as one of the leading brands in the fishing industry. To continue its offer of satisfactory product to recreational fishing enthusiasts, it developed the Shimano Jigging system. The Shimano Jigging system is one of the major differences of Shimano jigging and other jigging experience.

What Is a Shimano Jigging System?

A Shimano jigging system is a group of Shimano products appropriately matched to give anglers a product for that high level jigging experience. You can’t just use any equipment in jigging with a mixture of brands. The Shimano jigging system is a combination of Shimano products, which are carefully chosen to match the right equipment for different fishing condition.

For one there is the Butterfly Jigging system. This jigging system by Shimano includes the Trevala Rod, high powered and high speed Shimano Torsa reels, and 3D jig. The Butterfly Shimano jigging system has been developed in the early 90s by Japanese manufacturers. It was initially intended to catch tuna at depths reaching 500 feet. Since then, it was proven to be effective in catching fish with the same jigging depth. Novice and expert anglers alike turn to the Shimano Jigging system to get away from a jigging experience that turns out to be frustrating and feels like a job. This is because the Shimano jigging provides more fun, easy, and productive jigging compared to a jigging that uses a mixture of different brands for a jigging system.

Why People Want to Use Shimano Jigging System

The jigging system by Shimano is carefully chosen to match the jigging needs of anglers. In the Butterfly Shimano Jigging System, it has a jig that is lightweight and is attractive for big fishes. Aside from the jig itself, this Shimano jigging system uses a Trevala rod. This rod has a soft and flexible tip so that it provides the right dragging. The Trevala rod is also lightweight. In effect, you do not wear yourself carrying a rod that is heavy. More importantly, its light weight aids in giving you a good fishing fight when a big fish is caught rather that get you off balance by the added rod weight.

When it comes to the reel, the Shimano Butterfly jigging system includes a high powered and high speed Torsa reel. This Shimano product provides easy and fast retrieval when a fish is caught. Also it can carry the weight of a Tuna as it was originally designed for such. This is another good reason why the Shimano jigging is made better with the Shimano jigging system compared to just using any of the jigging equipments with mixed brands.

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