Why Don抰 You Try The Journey System?

The journey system is one of many memorization techniques recommended for long list of items, a word or phrase and even lines and speeches. There can be a lot of distractions just by recalling a set of information out of the top of your head which can cause a person to pause for a while and force all possible information the mind can retrieve at a given moment.

Problems such as this one can still be overcome. And if you’re the person who wants to keep your memorization and mental ability in top shape; allow the creative side of your brain to work with you. This just simply means that you’re allowing your creativity to work together with your memorization skills.

Creativity and visual senses are both effective and proven medium for memorization enhancement. When the brain starts to imagine, it sees visual forms and illusion; it then sees colors, forms and images. Connecting all these elements together means that you’re using your brain’s potential in all three aspects, and in turn, the observation it gets out of each vision is stored distinctively in the brain. This is how one can easily remember which word goes next on the next line.

This is also the same basis for the memory enhancement, journey system technique. The person imagines what he reads from a piece of paper. In using the journey system for memorizing lines or phrases or even just words; associate one keyword to the entire line. Stop and dwell on each line, no need to hurry. Try to imagine the words from the line as you would when you walk to your office or friend’s house. It’s easy this way because you can associate each keyword to something you’re already familiar with such as the big oak tree at the end of the street.

When you have it all arranged in place, you can wind it back in your head and start recalling each key points you used in association to something you already know. This way, you don’t need to force anything into your head when you want to remember a word or a line. You’ll just have to allow your mind to drift back to the mental journey you made and let the words come out of your lips.