Shimano Jigging System: Choices of Jigging System

Shimano Jigging System: Choices of Jigging System By Shimano

A jig is a lure that attracts fish. It is made of soft materials of different colors and forms, and it is intended for vertical and jerky movement. It is contradictory to a spinnerbait, which has horizontal movement in the water. Generally, jigs can be used by anglers in freshwater and saltwater angling.

As with any other angling equipment, jigs play an important role in catching fish most importantly because they take the role of the bait for the fish. Most jigs can be used in any depth of the water. The deeper you want to catch fish, the heavier the jig must be. It is then important that you take a jigging system that will meet such needs for your fishing.

The Shimano Jigging System

One of the well-known names in tackling is Shimano. This brand has established its name as a provider of different fishing gears, equipment, and systems that make angling and all recreational fishing satisfactory and enjoyable. Even the need for the right jig is met as the jigging system by Shimano is introduced.

The Shimano jigging system is more than just a jig. It comprises the whole angling gears that match the type of jigs used. Truly, how can you say that a jig is effective for catching deep-sea fish when you have low powered reel or low-end rod? If you plan for deep jigging, you must have a deep jigging system by Shimano that has high powered reel with lightweight but tough rods and tackles that can give efficient dragging in deep sea fishing. Now this is the reason why Shimano jigging system is a must.

Of course, for even the slightest need for jigging, the Shimano jigging has it all. It is a system that anglers can rely on, as it has established its name in the tackling world.

Choices of Shimano Jigging System

There are two choices of Shimano Jigging system—the Butterfly Shimano Jigging and Lucanus Shimano Jigging.

• Butterfly Shimano Jigging System – This comprises the lightweight Shimano Trevala rod and Hi-powered Shimano reel for that tough but enjoyable gamefish challenge. This Shimano jigging system provides the right experience for that guaranteed bite and retrieval.

• Lucanus Jigging System of Shimano – This is suitable for catching fish at the bottom. This type of system incorporates the Shimano Tescata Jigging rod that has very soft tip, enabling the jig to work suitably for bites of the bottom species. It also makes sure that the lure will not be taken out as soon as the fish bites the jig. Likewise, the Shimano jigging system of Lucanus has special reel for the particular use. It uses the Shimano CTE400LJV reel, providing the right ratio and handling for the bottom catch.

Aside from the complete set for jigging, the Shimano jigging system also provides accessories to complete the enjoyable and effective jigging experience.

All in all, the Shimano jigging system provides the right fishing experience one can find. It does not only give you the right lures for the target fish but also provide you the right equipment starting from the jog to the reel. Each one is tailored and well chosen for effective fishing.

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