Is There A Difference In A Business Security System And Home Security System?

Business security does vary from the home security process due to the different factors that are involved; if you run a small business the advice again will vary form a large organization. Remember security is not just for the premises but also for the people and data, the questions and information in this article will help you to asses the kind of security you would need to consider for your business.

Some of the most preliminary questions include information such as do you have employees? Do you have a written security plan? Do you collect and store personal information? These are all basic questions to consider, however you will also need to consider the physical elements of security such access control to the data and remote access to files and computer systems. Couple this with the actual security of the buildings and outside areas and you will then be able to draw up an overall security plan. Many large organizations will employ someone to specifically work on a day to day basis on all aspects of the companies’ security policy.

So breaking this down you will need to focus on the key areas of each aspect to construct the overall business plan. Looking at the personal data security this will usually be stored on backup tapes from servers or even on the servers, taking the backups is important to minimize the chance of data loss. Once the data has been removed from the servers then safe storage is vital to eliminate theft and loss. Most organizations will keep the information in fireproof safes or storage rooms, while others will remove the tapes and store them in multiple locations. Which ever method is suitable for your business the security of confidential information is paramount.

The physical security of staff members and the building is another aspect that we need to cover, various levels apply. Depending on the size of the building, number of employees and the work carried out in the building will have a bearing on how much security is required. Many large organizations will have security guards employed to restrict access to the building and stop unauthorized entry. Not only does this stop people entering the building it also helps to assist in areas such as fire regulations, where the employer should know how many people are in the building in case of fire. Security tags and entry systems are also common place now, every member of staff is provided with a security tag and this will monitor when and where the person went within the building. The other advantage of using security tags is they can restrict access to certain areas, useful if you need to have secure areas such as data storage, server rooms and so on.

This all then ties in with the traditional methods of security which will include camera systems, alarm systems and fire systems. With all these security measures it becomes clear as to why business security cameras will take not only one person’s time but in large businesses a whole team of people to implement and run on a day to day basis.