Network Marketing Systems

There is a magic word in the network marketing industry…. A word that will allow you to create more success then you have ever dreamed possible and that word is duplication. Well gang duplication is only possible with the power of network marketing systems.

If you do not have the right network marketing systems in place there simply is no way you can ever achieve anything worthwhile in this industry.

You see with out any network marketing systems in place your success would be Dependant on you and only you! Well gang there simply is no way possible any one person can make it to the top of this business by themselves no matter how incredible they are.

People who let their ego get in the way and try to build their business based all about them are doomed. Ego equals broke in this business.

There is no way you can work with anymore then a handful of people with out having a duplicative network marketing system in place.

A system where you can simply plug someone into it and the system will do the work. You see gang…. People fail…. Systems don’t! (good systems that is)

So the key is to create a business based around network marketing systems.

There are three types of network marketing systems I will briefly touch on that you need to have in place.

1) Training systems: You must have a system in place that will train your new team members! You cannot train them all yourself.

Websites are the best way to put this system together. Simply create a training website that overviews in a very easy to understand method how someone goes about getting started with the business.

Weekly training calls are also a great addition to a training system.

2) Recruiting systems: There are two types of recruiting systems that you must have in place. One for your warm market and one for your cold market.

Your warm market and your cold market both play as equal of a role in your business. People who tell you that one is better then the other or not to use one…. Are completely out of their heads. (to put it nicely)

There is a time and place for both.

For your warm market… I recommend creating a very duplicatable system that is based on walking prospects through a series of exposures to your opportunity via 3rd party tools. Such as websites, DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, 3 way calls, etc.

Then all you do is simply walk your prospect through this series of exposures to your business until they have enough information to make a decision on their own.

The 3rd party tools is where the power is in this system gang…. This allows anyone to become successful in your business.

For your cold market….. network marketing systems are crucial at this stage of the game. You see where most people in this industry go wrong is they teach people how to build their warm market…. But they shy away from teaching people how to build in their cold market.

And what happens gang is that when the time comes for people to start working their cold market (and it will come) they get lost…. They have no guidance from their upline and they bomb! They try everything…. Cold calling leads, buying classified ads, plastering the mall parking lot with fliers, etc! And they go broke!

You need to come to terms with the fact that the cold market is key to continuing to grow your mlm business…. And creating network marketing systems around this concept is key!

Forget the cold market stuff mentioned above gang…. Learn how to harness the power of the internet to create a massive mlm organization! This is where it is at!

Learn this and then create a duplicative system around this knowledge so that your team can also do the same!

Keep your head down gang and keep driving forward…. Implement these network marketing systems into your business and this industry will work for you.