Has Your Computer Just Recently Crashed? Learn How To Fix It

A computer crash can be caused by host a factors but prevention is always the best solution. It is important to update your virus protection software on regular basis so your computer has adequate protection against the latest threats to its ability to function properly. Also, be sure to back up important files which may not be able to be recovered if your computer has a problem.

Warning Signs

A computer crash can happen at any moment and may happen without warning. However, there are some common signs that you may experience prior to a computer crash. Here are a few signs indicating that your computer may be about to crash:

1. Computer freezes up during use

2. Computer is slow to boot

3. Computer starts to make noises

4. Computer experiences a read/write error

These are some of the early warning signs that your computer needs to be fixed before it crashes. If any of these symptoms are experienced take note of them and look to take the proper corrective steps.

Registry Files

The most common cause of a computer crash is corrupted or missing registry files. Registry files contain important information that are required for every program and application that runs on your computer. If these registry files become damaged or corrupt, a computer crash may result when your computer attempts to run programs. A registry cleaner software program is designed to scan your computer and repair registry errors. Many of these programs can be downloaded from the internet for free. These software programs will detect errors and missing registry entries and repair and restore them so your computer will function properly again.

Newly Installed Programs

It is not uncommon for a computer to have issues after a new software program is installed. If this is the case, you should locate and remove the recently installed program. Removing the recently installed program before the computer crash occurred is likely to solve the problem.


Your hard drive should be cleaned and tested on a regular basis. This will help prevent the risk of data loss if your computer crashes. Frequently scan your computer for errors and bad sectors. If your unable to fix your computer after it crashes, it is wise to have a plan in place for data recovery.

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