Green Computers – How to Buy an Eco-Friendly Computer

When buying a new computer there are many facts to be considered before purchase. In the current time we live, it is also worth considering a computer that has less impact on the environment. And along with so many other green products, it is now also possible to buy an eco-friendly computer. The use of computers, servers and browsing the internet is so energy-consuming, that it is worth thinking about how to limit your energy consumption. But how do you find out which computer to buy? Here is some advice that you can consider before choosing your new computer.

Of course, the greenest and most eco-friendly solution would be to recycle computers by buying a used one. However, this will probably not be the preferred solution as computers quickly get outdated and start running slower. So if you need a new one, get a new one. But there are possibilities that include recycling. For example you can buy a computer which is made with as much recycled material as possible. You can also consider a computer that is easy to dismantle for easy upgrade and recycling of the spare parts. And while in the process of changing your computer, you can search for recycling companies that will take your old hardware and find new uses for it. That way your old computer also becomes part of the eco-friendly cycle.

The next thing is to consider the type of computer and the size. A smaller computer is better when it comes to environmental issues as the smaller the size the less energy it consumes. Therefore, a laptop is a better choice than a desktop, as the laptop uses much less energy. Many laptops have energy-efficient features built-in in order to optimize battery usage. Because you also need to make sure that your new computer is energy sufficient. Look for the energy star label. The energy star label is a governmental program that guides individuals and business in using energy most efficiently in order to protect the environment.

You need to consider which materials you new computer has been from. Choose a computer that has been made with a minimum amount of toxic materials. Many companies now offer green models that use less energy, have more reusable components or use recycled or sustainable materials. One of the companies that have specialised in green computers is ASUS who have a selection of eco-friendly laptops made with bamboo. Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material as it grows in abundance on its own, and does not require water or pesticides. Bamboo is flexible and durable and the processing does not harm the environment, although the glue and lamination that is used for shaping and fortifying the material might contain some chemicals. Lenovo, Sony and Dell have also launched eco-friendly laptops on the market. So there are many possibilities for purchasing an eco-friendly computer and while you are at it you might as well get a sustainable laptop case as well, perhaps one made from recycled plastic bottles?

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