Do You Know How to Niche-Talk to Your Market?

What do I mean you may be asking? What is niche-talking? Why is it important?

First of all, think about your own product set or service set. Do you have a product that could be marketed to multiple end-user markets? If so then a Circle Sites Marketing approach is a necessary approach to achieve an edge over your competition.

Niche marketing is all about talking or marketing to a specific niche to a specific set of individuals. The more you can define the niche the more you will be able to talk specifically to them. Once you know this then your message is much clearer, your offer is much clearer and your follow up communications will be much clearer.

Now how can you apply a niche marketing approach to your Internet marketing? One sure way to do this is to set up specific websites to specifically focus your message. If you now have a general website then consider which niche subsets actually would be the most profitable to niche market to. You will be very glad you did this once you start seeing the results.

A niche focused approach can benefit not only how you communicate to your target audience but also how the search engines treat you. Remember that a search engine want to deliver the most relevant website on a specific niche term. People have already learner that to general a search term produces non-specific general results. People have learned to use the search engines by niche targeting. They also have learned that if the results they were expecting are not returned on the first page that they should go back and try again with another niche term. Very few people search through the search results on the second or third page. They simple go back and search again.

Now consider if you build a niche website, a Circle Site, on the niche topic or product for a specific niche market. Google will have no choice but to deliver this site as a top result when someone searches on the niche terms the site is focused on.

Therefore, niche marketing is all about talking to a specific niche set of people and doing this effectively and also to align with the way the search engines have been developed to deliver content rich website listing when people search using niche terms.

Circle Site allows you to achieve both aspects of niche marketing and once you align with what both people and the search engines you are making things easy for yourself and your business.

A Circle Sites will be niche focused and will have a message and associated imagery the talk directly to the niche audience. A Circle Site will be linked to other sites helping to boost page rank with the search engines.

A Circle Site will present itself to the search engines with:

Niche focused page titlesNiche focused Meta tagsNiche focused meta descriptionsNiche focused on-page keyword content and Niche focused alternate text behind the imagesCross linking with niche-focused keyword phrase text linksCross linking from relevant Circle Site to relevant Circle SiteA unique IP addressEven a niche focused domain

This will enable the Circle Site to define itself to the search engines as the authority on a specific set of niche keyword phrases. Some call this marketing to the Long Tail of the Internet and many say that this is how to get high website conversion rates and conversion is where the profit is.

Put the power of niche marketing by niche-talking to your niche markets and let Circle Sites Marketing enable you to do this.

Gary Horsman has helped to develop the Circle Sites Marketing concept. This includes on-page SEO and back linking methods. He is also a keen believer in that the way of the Internet and the search function is to provide specific information and products to specific people. This is niche marketing and Google and Yahoo and the other major search engines are perfect examples of how specific individuals find specific information.

Circle Sites Marketing is a way to align with what people do when they search and how a search engine wants to return search results. When you align with the major initiative good things can happen. Let Circle Sites make them happen for you.