SEO – Keeping It Fresh

SEO can be tough and an SEO expert is often needed to simplify things. An SEO marketing strategy is essential if you want to get ahead of your competition. For now, content marketing is the future of SEO.

Keeping content fresh

Regularly adding more web content to the website ensures that it will be found by the search engines. This also means that you are offering new and original web content to visitors, making your website a valuable resource for them as well. This is extremely important, selling services is fine, however also offering information and articles about your products and services is just as important. Website content has become the number one way to be found online, as well as making sure that the web page is continually found by the search engines.

However, like a website or business, trying to complete all the website content yourself can be time consuming. It takes some time to complete web content on a regular basis, since this can include formatting, research and other data that is necessary to complete the website content. This process can be made so much easier, by using a web content writer.

Web content writers

Web content writers can complete the work, since that is their business; it is what they do, complete web content for different websites, business and companies. They are skilled in writing all types of website content that may be needed.

Web content writers also understand how to complete SEO content writing, as well as other forms of writing, such as press releases, news letter, reviews, descriptions and blog posts. Having a web content writer complete the web content, allows you to get back to business, while still having fresh website content added regularly

“Freshbot” is visiting

Though SEO experts will still need to use their skills for all the old SEO tactics like title optimisation, keyword research and back-link building, the new focus will be on fresh content. New content, put into a site on a regular basis is what will work in getting the site to the top position on Google.

If you have not updated in the past three months then your site is stale. Google has a bot called the “freshbot” which looks for new content constantly, if your site is constantly updated you may be visited by this “freshbot”. It is easy to tell if you have had a visit from the freshbot, add a new page to your site and see if it appears, with in a couple minutes, in the Google index. If it does and it contains a small timestamp in green next to it, then you are in good shape If your site does not show up in the results right away then you may need to update more often.

A high search engine ranking for your website is so essential, if you have the slightest desire to actually succeed in your business, there is no way you can continue to avoid this fresh issue. Keep your site fresh and keep your site updated.

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