Computer Freezing Help Wanted – Follow These Free Tips to Get Your Computer Freezing Help

Computer freezing can be a common hassle especially with a popular operating system such as Windows. When your computer stops responding or freezing (also known as crashing or hanging) it stops working. The screen becomes locked and you will be unable to continue with what you were doing.

Now this may not be a problem normally but if you were doing something important, you will find that you cannot restore or save it. The only action you can take is to restart or reboot your computer from scratch thus losing any work you may have been carrying out.

Freezing up constantly in the middle of tasks (internet, email, games, word) can be caused by any of the following.

Frequent installation and un-installation of programs, incomplete programs that did not install or un-install correctly, hardware installation and un-installation, unused and corrupted drivers, spyware or a virus can all randomly freeze or lock up your computer. Many times you will not get a system error message when your computer stop responding so you or a technician will be in the dark as to the true reason you Pc has stopped.

Now how do we discover what is causing you computer to freeze?

Well, this is where a bit of detective work will come in. The first item we should look at is any new software or hard ware you have added recently. Is this when you started having trouble with your computer? If the answer were yes then your next step would be to uninstall the offending item. Restart your computer and then monitor the result. If your computer does not freeze up again you have found the cause of the problem.

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