Slow PC – Danger Sign of Low Computer RAM

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is what the computer uses to run programs and applications. Your computer needs RAM to boot, run your operating system and open web pages online. Low computer RAM, or Random Access Memory, is not a healthy condition for your computer. If you do not have enough RAM to load your open applications, you will have a very slow PC that will not be able to run your applications properly.

You will know that your computer RAM is not enough if your applications become choppy when you run several of them at once. If you try running one application at a time and you should not have any problems. Of course, it in very inefficient to run one application at a time, it is best to upgrade your computer RAM.

Low RAM also results to a very poor frame rate during gaming. You may have a pretty smooth video experience when there are only a few enemies on your screen. In areas that are populated with non-player characters and enemies, however, your computer will have difficulty loading so many things simultaneously. The result is a drastic decrease in your frame rate, a choppy gaming experience and poor response times.

The reason why your computer speed suffers when you are out of RAM is swapping. Swapping means that instead of RAM, your computer uses your hard disk drive to store temporary data. This presents a problem because data in the hard drive is several thousand times slower to access than data in RAM. Thus, your system performance will drop if you are low in computer RAM.

Computer RAM is very easy to increase though. By purchasing RAM modules that can accommodate more memory and by using up all the free RAM slots on your motherboard, you can increase your RAM and, consequently, the speed of your computer!

Article was written by Jeffrey Frasco. Visit Computer Knowledge For You for information about Computer Components. Computer Knowledge For You also offers information about Computer RAM computer hardware tips, and a tutorial about how to build your own computer.