Three Simplest Steps to Speed Up Computer

Is your computer running sluggish? Are you now wondering how to make your computer run as fast as a rocket? It is really annoying and very stressful to deal with a slow computer; you are wasting your valuable minutes and eventually could not finish your important work according to your schedule.

There are many solutions to solve this problem. Most people will directly spend hundred of dollars upgrading their computer with the latest sophisticated computer parts in order to speed up their computer. Only a few people are aware, that this problem can be fixed without spending hundred of dollars to upgrade your computer or even to buy a new one.

Computer is a machine. Like any other machines, it requires regular maintenance in order to constantly keep its best condition. The cost of this regular maintenance is literally nothing compare to hundred of dollars.

Three simplest steps to speed up your computer

    Remove all unnecessary startup programs. Each program that is set in the startup program setting will launch completely before you can start working with your computer. Those unnecessary programs increase greatly the loading time of your system. Moreover they consume your valuable RAM lowering your computer speed and performance significantly. Therefore it would be wiser for you to remove all those programs. You can manually remove them from the startup programs in the startup program setting. Run your disk defragmenter. You should run your disk defragmenter system once or twice a month to maintain overall the performance of your computer. By running a disk defragmenter, the cluster in your hard disk drive will be organized, so that the system can access the data on your hard disk more efficient. You can either run manually the disk defragmenter or download a program that automatically run your disk defragmenter according to the specific times. Clean up your windows registry. This third step is the most essential things to speed up your computer. The registry is the most essential area of your computer system. It contains all commands to run everything on your system. I do not recommend you to clean your windows registry by yourself, because it could be fatal to your system if you delete or move the wrong files in the registry database. Therefore it would be a wiser decision to use registry cleaner software to clean up your windows registry.

What are you waiting for? Just do these three simple steps to speed up your computer and see how fast your computer will run.

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