How to Prevent Computer Freeze

Computer Freeze is a common problem for people with rather slow computers and it is almost unavoidable. Computer professionals have been looking for a solution and they found some alternatives to prevent computer freeze. They found out several causes of computer freeze and designed a solution for each cause. Fixing your computer at home will help you save so much money compared going to the shop. Some of the solutions might work for you some might work for another people but I can assure you they are worth trying.

The first thing you should avoid to prevent computer freeze is running too many programs at once. Close programs that you do not need and check your taskbar for programs that might burden your system.

During startups many programs will automatically run and you do not need most of them. To prevent redundant startup programs go Startup and click on Run then type msconfig and enter. System Configuration window will open. Go to startup tab and deselect programs like Quicktime, winamp, and programs that you do not always need during startup.

The other thing that you should pay attention to is your hard drive space. Is there enough space in your C drive? Five to Ten GB empty space is required for windows to run properly.

You should also see if there are programs or devices that are causing problems. Avoid uncertified programs or devices to prevent unnecessary error that can cause your computer to freeze up.

If none of the solutions mentioned above works then you need to check your registry files. Registry files are the lifeblood of your computer that regulate every program and device that runs on your system. Whenever you add or remove program or device your registry will keep a record and they grow in size. Also when your computer goes error, there is a chance for the registry to go corrupt. These oversized and corrupted registries will cause you a lot of trouble like crashes, freezes, dll errors, system32 errors, and more.

To check your registry you can go to this site and download a registry cleaner for free scan. Check if your computer needs a registry cleaner. Set them to do automatic scan