Kaizen SEO

The definition for Kaizen is: Japanese for continuous and incremental improvement, a business philosophy about working practices and efficiency; improvement in productivity or performance

Many clients may ask their SEO company, what is it that they are actually paying them to undertake because they cannot see any physical evidence of anything happening to their site. Now as some of you many know not all SEO work is visible, some of the work undertaken is under the hood i.e. invisible but it does affect the site.

For e.g. when a site gets coded from the scratch up, the owner has ideas about how they want they site designed, coded, which keywords they would like to be ranked for and other ideas. Most people do not realise that the original site had research conducted on it, and decisions were based on that research. Therefore the code also needs updating so that it can also be SEO friendly. It is here where a good SEO service comes into its own. A good SEO service will ensure that the site stays live, there is no disruption to the site, all visitors can visit the site and that the site functions accordingly and still undertake their SEO service.

After the SEO service has been undertaken, if it is an existing site, the effects of the work should gradually start seeping through until there is a visible effect (i.e. increasing your ranking or increasing your number of traffic by a good percentage). It is important to remember that SEO is always on going no matter what some people may say that it should only be done once a month.

The client will most likely be paying a monthly fee to the SEO company. The client may think why they are paying a high price per month, well the answer is that they are paying for the expertise of the SEO company who are increasing and maintaining their SEO service for your site so that your site become more popular, gets a higher ranking and is very SEO friendly.

So Kaizen SEO does make sense, if you look at the actual benefits you receive of having a great SEO friendly site.

Inspired by [http://CompleteSEOGuide.com]