Your Computer Freeze Up Often? – I Will Teach You How to Fix it Right Now!

You must be wondering why your computer keeps freezing up while you need to get your job done or you want to relax and play your favorite game. My computer used to freeze up quite often. I could not do anything about it. I can only reset my computer every time it happens. So I went on research about why my computer freezes and I found an amazing way to get rid of it. It did not only stop my computer from freezing up, it also made my PC run like when it was new. I will tell you how to do it. Hope this article will be useful for you.

What is happening with my computer?

I found out that the registry files in our computer are the ones responsible for this problem. Registry files are the core files of your windows operating system. They determine and rule all your computer processes. As you use your computer you will install programs, uninstall programs, sometimes virus invade your pc without you knowing it, adware problems, spyware, and much more. All these actions and events will be recorded in your registry. Your registries will grow in size and some of them might go broken because of program errors or malwares (virus, spyware, and adware).

You might notice that few months after you buy your PC, it starts to run slower. After you remove certain virus, adware or software. Your PC performance drops slightly. Some of you might even experience worse cases like frequent freezes, blue screens, and computer crashes.

How can I repair my registry?

My PC had some important registries broken, that was why my Computer kept on freezing up. So I tried to find a way to fix these registries and stop my PC from freezing up. I wanted to tweak my own registry, luckily my friend was there and saw what I was trying to do and stopped me. He then explained to me that editing windows registry carelessly might destroy your windows, making it stop working totally. My curiosity almost killed me…

Then I continue researching how to fix my registries, and I found out that technicians use this program called registry cleaner. The best registry cleaners nowadays are Error Nuker, Registry Fix, and Registry Easy. reviewed Error Nuker and they were really satisfied. Error Nuker was rated as one of the best programs by I tried this registry cleaner on my computer and it worked like a magic. My computer never freezes anymore and it becomes as fast as when it was new.

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