Best SEO Sites – Free SEO Sites

There are staggering numbers of SEO sites in the Internet to help you optimize your sites ranking higher in natural search result of Google. Among all the SEO sites only a few are free and useful. In this article, I would like to share with you a few useful and important free SEO sites-which are used by many experts of the SEO world.

This is a great tool to learn about the cost per click of your competitors. If you just enter a keyword and start the search it will give you the list of sites using that keyword in their PPC advertisement including the cost per click and click per day. In case you need to know the list of keywords used by your competitors then just input the URL of your competitor website in Spyfu and get a comprehensive list of useful keywords for your niche.

If your site or web page has any error then it may face difficulty in ranking higher in Google. To find and solve out all the problems with your website just enter the URL of your site in the W3 address box and get the result of all the existing errors and warnings for your web page.

It is basically a directory submitter tool-a freeware. It allows one to submit his blog or site to various search engines and directories in a semi-automatic fashion so as Google cannot catch it considering it as an automatic submission tool. The major benefit of this tool is faster submission of blogs in search engines.

This is a great tool to learn about the total number of back links of your site. Additional information will be the page rank of the sites giving the back links and the number of no-follow tags linking to your blogs or web pages.

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