Can You Use Social Media With SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

There are many benefits from combining SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media marketing. Customers can be attracted using new networks and your Social Media activity can attract links for improved SEO. The following tips should give you a better understanding of how SEO and social networking complement each other. You will need a blog and you need to think about putting share buttons in all the right places on your site to make it easy for your clients to link to and share your content.

Benefits of sing SEO and social media together

    Useful social content (blog, video, images, audio) that can be discovered via search is a great opportunity to reach your target audience by using relevant keywords and tags in well written content. Basic blog template optimisation to leverage keywords and other minor adjustments could improve search traffic for this site substantially – without any compromise in content quality or user experience. Using WordPress and installing “All in one SEO pack” plugin is a good place to start. The nature of the social web encourages participation: sharing, voting, commenting and linking. Popular social content gets exposure, traffic and can result in a substantial number of relevant inbound links.

One way to build SEO and social media programs efficiently is to ask the following questions:

Who is my audience? What is my Objective? How will I achieve this?

Find the audience

Learn where they hang out on line. Do they use Facebook, Twitter, are there community sites that ate popular with your audience? Maybe different products and services have a slightly different demographic. Who influences these people? Who do they follow on Twitter? What questions do they ask?

Define your objectives.

Objectives are usually driven by marketing or sales. Although Social networking is not direct marketing though, the objective is to influence social communities or content so that you can boost links to website content, improving search traffic and online sales.

Define your tactics

The focus or a combined SEO and social media effort is content and interaction, not just any content but good content that people discover and share. This could be a keyword-focused strategy ie: publishing new content or creating the opportunity for consumer-generated content. You need to make it easy to share amongst members of the community. This could mean making sure you have prominent share and bookmarking buttons on your site.

Measure your success

You can use specific measurement tools to monitor the effect of their social web participation as well as the search engine performance of SEO efforts. There are many online tools available to measure success for each Social Network. There are “Insights” in Facebook, you can record likes and interactions. There are many tools for measuring twitter influence and Retweet successes. Look up Netvibes and Social Mention in Google, and of course you can see who comes from where using Google Analytics.

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