Technical Terms That Are Associated With Computer

The language of the computers is completely different from that of our common slang and usage. Each and everyday a new language is being introduced by the software professionals that finds its way into the market. It is this language that helps them to program the circuits that have become inevitable in our life.

If you are going to say that I am in the technical field where I do not use computer languages, then you are wrong. The computer had infiltrated our lives to such an extent that we use computers from the smallest of things to the biggest. It is not necessary that you have to know the various technical terms that is associated with the usage of computer rather you must be aware of the general terms that are in use for which you need a computer dictionary.

The computer dictionary would contain the simple words like mother board, CPU, processor, circuits, etc. It would also house the meanings for certain simple terms with very different meanings. For instance, the computer key with the name caps lock has no literal meaning in the original English dictionary but if you look in to the computer dictionary, it would say that it means converting the font from small letters to capital ones.

This way a computer dictionary would be very different from a normal one. Of course the meaning of the word mouse would not be that of a rodent. You must be well aware of the terms that you would have to use while using the computer. Suppose your console breaks down and you have to call up the system engineer and explain him the situation. Now there are two possibilities, either you may have to tell him about any part of your computer or he may ask you something in technical language.

In both the above cases your computer dictionary would come to your rescue. Not only this, suddenly your computer gives you a command which you find it very new. You can just jump into your dictionary and figure out easily what your computer wants you to do. It is always essential to upgrade your dictionary from time to time. This is because a lot of new words are introduced everyday in the field of information technology and some of the old terms are eliminated from use. So a constant update would help you to go with the trends.

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