Why is My Computer Slow? Causes of Slow Down and Techniques to Speed Up Your Computer

There are many reasons which make your computer slow. The most common one and the one which is most frustrating is:

Spyware and Trojans which clog your computer. These are also called malware or adware and only a few of these are enough to ruin your computer and make it irritatingly slow.

A few other applications that may contain spyware or adware:


Ares P2P








Spyware can get into your computer by any means. As soon as you download some sort of software(which could be infested with spyware or viruses) or maybe some emoticons or even screensavers , there is a possibility of getting spyware in your computer. Hec, you can get spyware if you just log onto the computer or browse the internet. These people who are putting spyware in your computer are just getting smarter and smarter every day.

You have spyware in your computer, if:

—you Install freeware or shareware programs like limewire, bearshare, kazaa, etc.

—You have downloaded music online

—Your PC is running extremely slow

—You are pestered by those horrible popup ads

—Your homepage keeps changing

If you find the above symptoms in your pc,then you probably have spyware in your computer.

The next step is to get your pc scanned and find out the types of spyware on your pc.

There is a software that can scan your pc for spyware and even remove them, in a fast and simple manner and I have written more about it in my site.

There are other software also which can do this but I found this one to be the best.

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