Top 5 Essential SEO Tips and Techniques

Search Engine Optimization is the most in thing among big and small businesses and considered to be the hot topic on the World Wide Web. Not just because everybody wants to reach the top page of major search engines but because it brings more traffic, better sales and makes a better goodwill of the company on global platform. This article states a list of top 5 essential SEO tips and techniques that if used appropriately can do wonders to your site.

Build a great web site- Make SEO-friendly URLs

Search engine optimization is often considered as the after activity but the fact is – the earlier you use SEO the better its results are. An attractive website is the best way to succeed on the major search engines. Make sure to choose a URL that is SEO friendly, design a website that is both search engine and user friendly. Use proper keywords in your URLs and file names but do not overdo it.

Do keyword research at the start of the project

No matter how much keyword research and SEO you do when your business and website becomes old, it can never give the kind of result the SEO and keyword research in the beginning can provide. If you are on a tight budget and cannot consult seo experts use free versions such as word tracker or AdWords Keyword Tool.

Open up a PPC account

Whether it is Yahoo search marketing, Google AdWords or something else, opening a PPC account is the best way to get actual search volume for your keywords. PPC, even if it costs money, is the best way to reach the top page and get instant visibility.

Use a unique and relevant title and meta description on every page

The title of the page is the single most important on-page SEO factor. Also a meta tag description on every page is must, a Meta Tag description might not help you rank, but it will surely appear as the text snippet below your listing, that is why it must incorporate the relevant keywords and should be written so as to support searchers to click on your listing.

Write for users first- Create great, unique content

Even if you reach the top page of the Google, but if your website is not user friendly you might loose all the attention soon. It is good to impress the search engines but ultimately the users and the visitors to your site are responsible to increase or decrease your business revenues. Design your site in a user friendly manner and make sure to create great and unique content so that the visitors are able to understand your services easily and appropriately. is a certified SEO company India that specializes in delivering ethical SEO services India, social media marketing and search engine marketing services. SEO India is having a proven track record of bringing websites to the top pages of Google. Hire ethical SEO services with 100% guarantee of top page placement on Google. Get a free analysis of your website by experts and ask for a price quote.