Does Your Business Need SEO?

Online marketing, especially SEO has become a very well known form of marketing these days and this is owing to the awareness that business owners have regarding the increasing influence of technology. However there are a lot of business owners who opt for SEO when it makes no sense for their business. It is important to understand the potential of this marketing technique so that you can figure out what is the best option for you. If you do it wisely, your marketing budget will be a worthy investment or else it will be an irrelevant expenditure.

The first thing that you must do is ensure that there is adequate research done for the SEO program. Google AdWords keywords tool is the best source to do such a thing. There are other paid and free tools as well however, the Google tool is one of the most trustworthy and elaborate ones. You have to estimate the keywords that you are targeting and also try to jot down the kind of traffic visibility that you can get at the max. While doing so keep in mind that if there are 2000 searches for a term, not all will visit your site even if you are on rank 1. Always be conservative while estimating the volumes.

Now, in case you have 5 keywords with a potential of 20000 searches a month and in case you are able to rank in the top 5 for all of them, you can estimate around 2000 – 4000 visitors in a month. Another factor that you have to consider is the competition for the keywords. In case the competition is too high then the time to achieve results will be high and you have to be patient until you get the results.

Finally, before you jump on for an SEO program and after you have estimated whether you need SEO or not it is important to set goals. You have to be clear about the amount that you are ready to invest and the time line you have to achieve results. With SEO, the timelines might not always work the way they have been planned because the field is very dynamic hence you can be a LITTLE flexible.

Make sure that when you search for a SEO company you can discuss all the above mentioned points. These will help you to understand if you need SEO or not and moreover what you can expect out of the whole deal.

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