Preventing Computer Error Messages From Occurring

Error messages are something that we normally face if you are a computer user and especially if you are a Windows PC owner. From time to time we would receive error messages like Dll errors, RunDll errors and etc. However, the problem is when we purchase our computer we are not aware of these possible problems that will arise after months of using a new computer, so how do we actually prevent these error messages from happening? Before we learn how to eradicate these problems, let us first look at some of these common error messages we often receive.

Dll Errors

One day you try to run a program that has been idle for quite sometime now and when you click on its icon to open it, you receive a message on your screen saying: “Error starting program. A required .DLL file xxx.DLL was not found.” or “Cannot find the file xxx.exe (or one of its components.)”

What a Dll error means is just that there are certain system files in your computer that have become corrupted or they have gone missing, furthermore the files required to open the program you want to run is either missing or deleted. How then do you prevent such things from happening to your computer? Firstly, it would almost be impossible to detect such problems since most of the time the files were deleted by accident or the corruption occurs without your knowledge. Thus, the best way to deal with the surfacing of such problems is actually to have regular checkups with your technician to ensure that your computer is always in perfect working order.

RunDll Errors

Uncompleted uninstalls or corrupted installations of programs are what that causes RunDll errors. Thus if you try to run a program or a file that is not really there as it is not fully installed into your computer, Windows would not be able to locate it and as such it would give you an error message. Besides, RunDll errors can also result from viruses and spyware or other malicious devices.

How then do you prevent the occurrence of this problem; just like the first one, you do not really know what has happened to your computer until you are able to see the error messages surfacing. Thus for most of the time you would be kept in the dark over such problems from arising. What you have to do is essentially get a good cleanup of your computer to flush out all the spyware and viruses in it that may have accumulated without you knowing. After which, have regular computer checkups to ensure that your computer is error free.

We do not really have the choice as to whether we can prevent errors from happening to our computers or not as most of the time these errors are hidden from our sight until the problem becomes an issue before the messages start appearing. The next best thing we can do is to regularly run your registry cleaner to clean out your computer from any virus or spyware and also to have regular checkups to ensure your computer is working fine. Other than that, we would not be able to do much to protect our computers from possible errors that might occur.

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