Permanently Erase Computer Files! Not Being Sure Is To Risk Identity Theft

Is That File Deleted? Guard Against Identity Theft. Permanently Erase Computer Files and All Personal Information from Your PC

Your own personal computer is ground zero in the battle to steal your identity. Hackers cruise the internet looking for computers they can get into, they have the ability to find the holes in firewalls, they use special programs to discover passwords.

Every time you use your computer, all activity including all of your email, all Internet activity, anything you may have ordered online, your passwords, your credit card numbers are being recorded whether you realize it or not. If you do not employ a program that will permanently erase computer files, you are at risk.

Hackers are not the only group you should be concerned with. Others who have access to your computer, including friends, your boss, your spouse, your co-workers, can take a look at your history and view whatever you have been doing on your computer.

And far worse than that, if a hacker does gain access to you computer, they can pick and choose which information they want, and you will never know they have been there.

Data recovery programs, which are readily available online, are all that are needed to track your every move. Someone trying to see your information does not even need to know much about technology.

Information about all of the websites that you have ever visited is stored on your computer. Simply deleting a file or sending it to the recycle bin, or clearing your Internet history, temp files or cookies is not enough. All of those files can be found by data recovery software. Even re-formatting your hard drive will not completely do the trick.

Every image that you have ever viewed, sent or received over the Internet is stored on your hard drive. This includes personal pictures as well as confidential business charts, or forms. All of this information should be your business only.

The web sites you have visited your chat conversations, your usernames and passwords, the pictures you just browsed, the media files you just played, even the documents that you just read. These can all be recovered. The normal deletion and erasing tools provided with your standard software just do not permanently erase computer files.

People have been fired, divorced and even sent to jail because of the things other people have found on their computer hard drives. Forensic computer specialists have the tools and skills to find almost anything that was ever on your computer.

There is no reason for anyone to risk these things happening to them. Adequate vigilance of the personal information on your computer requires the use of spyware, virus software, firewall software as well as a good evidence erasing program; these should all be part of every computer users tool kit.

Among the advantages of using this type of program to find and permanently erase files are that it will restore wasted hard drive, improve your computers speed and have much more secure computer.

These special erasing programs use special algorithms to find and permanently erase all evidence of computer files, photos, movies, chat conversations, web sites visited, anything that you may want safely and completely removed from your computer. Look for a program that has been approved for use by the US Defense Department, if their program is good enough for them, it will more than do the job for you.

Jim Newell is the publisher of Identity Theft…Is Real! We Can Help You Avoid it…And Help You Fix it!

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