Why You Need to Buy a Dive Computer

The first time that I took a breath underwater, I felt a mixture of fear and awe. My breath was completely irregular and my heart was pumping a bit too quickly. Once I became aware of how fast I was taking short breaths, I panicked, stood up and pulled the regulator out of my mouth. The instructor smiled and I was glad to see that a couple of other people in the pool did the same thing that I did. And so began my adventures in scuba diving.

Now that I have logged more than one hundred dives, I am happy to report that I do not panic anymore. In fact, I have become more comfortable underwater than above it. Obviously the best way to become confident in my diving abilities has been to dive and dive again. But there is another reason why I have been able to relax during my dives… I decided to buy a dive computer. If you are a beginner, you are probably like me and you think that you do not need a dive computer. I used to think that only really experienced divers and dive masters owned their own cool wrist computers. Well, I was wrong. All divers, whether beginners or experienced, should buy a dive computer.

Why should you go out and buy a dive computer before your next dive? I will give you three good reasons. Reason #1- a dive computer allows you to spend more time underwater! When you are enjoying the cool creatures all around you and you have just spotted a reef shark, the last thing you want to do is have to cut the experience short. Your dive computer will take into account the fact that you are diving at different depths, whereas a dive table will only show you the time that is allowed at your maximum depth. Reason #2- a dive computer will make sure that you do not get hit with decompression sickness. Your computer will track how much nitrogen your body has taken in and eliminated during your dive. Your computer will also let you know when your safety stop is completed so you can keep ascending. Finally, the last reason why you need to buy a dive computer is- you will never have to worry about your air running out. Your computer will always show how much pressure and air time remains. This feature alone should be enough reason to buy a dive computer because it prevents out of air emergencies and enhances diver safety.

Hopefully the message is clear… in order to truly enjoy your dives and feel confident underwater, it is imperative that all divers buy a dive computer. If you are not sure where to buy one, the easiest place to find one is online. Happy diving.

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~ Elidel