Why is My Computer Slow? – 5 Possible Reasons

The advent of modern technologies has offered the possibilities of faster pace in almost everything, regardless in the aspect of communication, service or transportation. So when we are stuck while surfing any sites or opening any files because of the system is slow, we curse our computer and ask, Why is my computer slow?.

Nowadays majority of the populations own or use computers and users should be knowledgeable for the possible reasons of the reduced speed. This will create awareness to the ends users of any computers or laptops and will result to practicing precautions so as to avoid the possibilities of initiating the computer to slow its speed.

While you ask you should know the details of the speed problem like the way the doctor evaluates a sick patient. Observe the time and frequency of the instances that the slowness occurs. Determine the factors the one way or another contributes to the reduced speed.

Note that computer units of over five years are expected to have slow speed compared to the new models unless otherwise the old units are upgraded to keep abreast with the new models. Also, units with less than 512 MB of RAM tend to have slow speed.

Another area to look is the network. The slowness of the computer can be attributed to the network or internet related factors. This can be evident in slowness while browsing the internet or sending e-mail. This sometimes happens because the computer will process or retrieve the date from external source causing it to delay the process.

However if the computer is slow during the start-up process, then you should be alarmed and serious to look at the motives for the reduced speed which if neglected can result to crashing of the system and the unit itself.

One of the answers to your famous question is the start up overload. Adding additional programs generally claim quickly and quietly a start-up status. These are the programs that pop out as you open your computer. The more programs loading at start up, the slower the system is.

Another possible answer to Why my computer is slow? is the spyware. These are malicious programs that are embedded in our system without our knowledge or unintentionally. The malicious programs are acquired through multi forwarded messages, free scans and download, websites and music downloads. These unwanted programs should be removed as in the long run it causes damage to the operating system and applications which will eventually shut down the system.

Also a corrupted or bloated registry can be a possible way that causes the computer to slow. It can create problems in the system performance such as extremely slow when shutting down.

A badly fragmented hard drive cause a slow file searches. Files can scatter quickly over the hard drive hence it needs to be defragmented.

Lastly the process of uninstalling and installing new programs leaves parts of it in the system which also causes to slow down the speed of the computer. Negligence of this will lead to crashing the system.

These are a few answers as to Why my computer is slow? which each one of us should know.

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