Computer Firewalls – How They Can Protect You

With the roles that computers play in our daily lives, it is really important to know as many things about them as possible. Most of us know how to send and receive e-mails, do simple word processing and the like. But it is just as important to understand those parts of our computer that could protect us from computer problems down the line.

One such component that helps us protect our computer is the computer firewall. Just like an actual firewall, a computer firewall is created to keep any type of danger or “fire” from spreading on your computer. It literally filters information that comes on to your computer system via a network, or from the Internet.

There are quite a few things that firewalls can protect your computer from. A few things include computer viruses, spam, and e-mail bombs.


Viruses are probably some of the most well known threats to your computer. Viruses do varying degrees of damage. Some minimal, some can actually erase all of your data. It is a small program that is able to copy itself to various computers. Keep in mind that virus software, in addition to firewall protection is often a good idea.


Often times, spam is more irritating than it is dangerous. But, depending on the source, the links within some of these messages can actually do harm to your computer if you click on them.

E-mail Bombs

An e-mail bomb will usually come from someone you know. For whatever reason, somebody will send you the same e-mail so many times – like hundreds or thousands of times – that your e-mail system is so full that you can not accept any more messages.

There are a lot of other things that firewalls protect your machine from as well. Some computer operating systems already come with a firewall built in for you. If your system does not have one built in, you can always install firewall software on your computer with an Internet connection.

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