What Causes My Computer To Freeze?

What causes my computer to freeze is a question I am asked quite often. This is usually when they have been doing a lot of work on a word document and suddenly the computer just stops or “freezes”. Unable to carry on or save their work they have to reboot the computer leading to a lot of frustration and heart break at all the wasted work that they have just lost. So what is the cause of this problem? The most common cause will be a corrupt or damaged windows registry.

Your computer is controlled by your windows operating system and this is what makes your computer operate. With out this your PC would be unable to carry out the tasks you ask of it. Now a very important part of the operating system is the registry. This is the part of the operating system that controls all the operation that your computer performs. It allows the soft ware and hard ware connected to youth computer to run alongside each other and hopefully work as it is intended.

When you PC was new the registry would have been set up to run at its optimum with the software and hardware that came pre installed. Now over a period of time you will have added and removed hardware and software and also deleted files. It is this action that you are carrying out on a daily basis that can corrupt your registry. The registry records every action you take on your computer and over period of time this can become so large and cumbersome that you operating system will take longer to perform the action that you ask of it.The serious problems will arise such as the computer freezing when you have a corrupt or damaged entry on you registry. The registry will not be able to follow its normal path and will become blocked and the computer will just freeze.

How do you over come his problem? Well you could try and repair you registry your self but unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing one misplaced or removed registry file could cause your computer to crash altogether never to run again. The quickest safety and easiest method would be to add a small piece of software known as a Registry Cleaner to you computer. There are a number of different products available on the Internet and for a very small investment you could have your registry files scanned and cleaned and repaired in a matter of minutes. A few simple clicks of the mouse will prevent your computer from freezing again.

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