Why To Choose SEO As a Career Option

Only writing good articles will not help you to get high traffic to your blog/site, the most important factor to work on is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Every webmaster must have basic knowledge of SEO in order to get natural traffic to your site. In my today¡¯s article I am going to tell you the importance of SEO and why you should choose SEO as a career option.

Why SEO is important

Every blogger/webmaster needs organic traffic from search engines, for it knowledge of SEO is must. The competition is so hard that if you don¡¯t optimize your articles, you will not rank higher in search engines, So the traffic will be negligible.

You might have seen that some websites always rank higher for every article they publish.It is because that they are good in SEO and they optimize their articles before hitting the publish button.

About 70-80 percent of site¡¯s traffic comes from Google and this traffic is called natural traffic.

Your site can get tons of visitors if your site gets top rank on a single keyword. For example, In U.S Home Loan keyword was searched 5.5 lakh times per month. And just imagine how much traffic the top site must have received. This is the power of SEO.

SEO can boost up your traffic stats and it can be converted into real sales if you are using affiliate links on your site.

SEO as a career option

If you are a web designer or a developer, a client will hire you once or twice but if you are search engine optimizer then the client will hire you for very long period in order to maintain his/her top ranking in Google or major search engines.

Nowadays job vacancies in SEO are increasing at much faster rate as compared to web designer/developer.

Almost every company requires a SEO professional and in IT sector high jobs are available at a good pay scale.

Types of SEO Services

* On-page optimization * Off-page optimization

On-page optimization: In on-site optimization we work on keyword research, title tag, meta tag, description, keyword density, search engine friendly URL¡¯s and design.

Off-page optimization: In off-site optimization we promote our site on other sites through directory submission, article submission, press release, blog submission, blog commenting etc.

Best SEO training

Guru Techno World offers SEO training in Chandigarh with live projects along with on-page and off-page optimization. The SEO training is given according to the latest algorithms of Google and all other major search engines.