Computer Cleaning Tips

Computers need to be maintained if you want to have long-term use. Part of the maintenance process is cleaning your computer. Below you will find some cleaning tips for your keyboard, CD ROM drive, computer components and mouse. Cleaning your computer on a continuous basis will improve the cooling and performance of its components. Cleaning prevents your computer components from becoming damaged and keeps the dust from heating up your system for any failure to your hardware.

Placing your computer on the ground is not good. Instead, make sure you place it on a shelf or table. In cleaning your computer case, unplug the power of your system first. All cables and connectors should be removed from the back of your computer.

Use a vacuum cleaner with compressed air to clean the back of your system. Use a light damp cloth or a cleaning spray solution as well as hand towel to dry it off.

Do not clean the circuit board or inside of any components of the computer with wet or damp clothe. Do not drink or eat around your computer to cause food to get into your keyboard or into your system.

Dirty CD lens can create reading or writing errors in your CD drive and will cause it to malfunction so you have to keep the drive clean. Here are a few tips on how to clean your CD drive: