Computer Performance – Computer Running Slow

Slow running of computer can be very irritating especially for people who have to work with their computer every day. Computer running slow is a problem many face who has not upgraded their computer for a long time. There could be many reasons why system runs slowly at times. There are various steps which can be followed if the computer is running slow. The problem can be solved to an extent by analyzing the system properly and deleting some unwanted data. But hardly anything can be done if the system configuration is poor i.e. expecting a Pentium II processor to perform like a core duo processor is something unreal and no steps can help doing that.

The computer usually runs slow because the processing done is more than what it could take. So reducing the burden of the computer will allow it to process a little faster. Some steps which can be done to improve the windows booting time are

disabling unwanted startup items . Some important items like anti virus and firewall could be kept running and almost every other startup items can be removed. MSCONFIG is the best and easiest way to add and remove startup items. Disabling windows startup screen can increase the boot speed slightly. Changing the BIOS booting sequence changing BIOS booting sequence will help reducing the boot time as it searches directly in the hard drive instead of other devices like a CD or a floppy. Giving fewer loads to the computer improves the performance like if a song is played in the background while playing a game, the performance of the game will not be as good and fast. Disk Clean UpDoing disk cleanup regularly will help removing unwanted files from the computer and will help prevent slow running of computers. Maintain System RegistryIt is very important that the computer is free from registry error to have a good performance. So scanning your system registry and maintain it regularly will definitely make your computer perform better. Hence it is important nowadays that everyone who uses windows as their main operating system should have a registry cleaner software. As it helps to keep your computer clean from registry error. deleting cookies and temporary internet/windows filesDeleting cookies and cache regularly will help improve Internet speed. Temporary Internet/windows files should also be cleared at regular intervals. This also improves your browser speed along with system speed. But Today registry scanner can automatically scan and delete all those unwanted files and optimize the system.

So taking some simple steps can avoid computer running slow to a good extent. Having a error free system and a fast computer could be very significant in order to do your work quickly. I bet you are looking forward to automating all the jobs so you do not have to spend too much time to worry about your computer speed anymore. Check out Computer running slow for more details.

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