SEO for a year

January Planning and targettingFirst you need to pick your two word and three word phrase that you are going to target. Good SEO means being consistent, so make them similar.

February Basic Content BuildingFirst you need to build the right content on your home page, and your products pages. It isn*t hard to build the right content, but there are some rules you need to follow.

March Advanced Content BuildingIf you are not using WordPress or some other blogging platform, you should. The next step in content building is creating information people will want to read that is interesting, particular to your industry, and increases your reputation.

April Basic link buildingYou are one quarter of the way through your SEO for a Year, now is the time to launch your site. When launching your site you need to create some basic links back to your main site.

May Building a networkStart looking around for the leaders in your industry, and in similar industries, and start commenting on their blogs. Do not try to spam with keywords, just be yourself and up front about your thoughts.

June- Link ExchangeLink exchange is controversial in some SEO circles. Generally you should be encouraging people to link to you without any incentives. A lot of people in SEO think link exchanges are zero sum, because if two people link to each other, they cancel out each other.

July- AnalysisHalfway through your SEO for a year, and July is a good time of the year to take stock and take analysis of what you are doing and what your competitors are doing.

August- Use social mediaSocial media is more than just Facebook, it is social news as well with things like Digg and Reddit. You should have a profile on at least Digg and Reddit to start promoting your website. You should use Facebook and Twitter to build your network further, and encourage people to share your blog posts.

September- Content syndicationUse our article directory search engine to find the top couple of article websites where you can start to syndicate out your content. Also look for ways to guest blog on other people*s websites, if there is no obvious way, just ask. Write small articles and send them off to magazines.

October- PublicityTraditional publicity should not be overlooked as a good part of your SEO arsenal.

November- End of year salesStart planning your end of year sales, and what you are going to do to promote your business in the next three months.

December End of year analysisAt the end of your SEO for a year, the best thing you can do is take stock and see what has worked and what hasn*t.