Learn To Keep Your Computer Sparkling

Has the snoring granny of your neighborhood broken through your living room without any notice? It is her habit to disturb you in the wee hours of night by echoing a series of unpleasant music. But for your knowledge, the granny is on her trip to somewhere else. So what is sounding so dubious? You may be frightened. Kindly pay a vigil attention to your computer. You may find the alter ego of the snoring granny. The cause of snoring is the dust that has built its permanent hill station in your system. Dust chokes the vents behind your computer and forces it to give you the glimpses of the snoring granny. Do you know the fact that dust not only makes your computer to behave dubiously but also makes the CPU to heat up? Heat is the most potent enemy of your computer which causes component failure. So clean computer regularly and minimize the threats which affects the performance and efficiency of your computer.

Tools required for cleaning computer

You need simple tools to clean computer and you can do the cleaning at home with the help of these tools. The tools required are a screw driver, can of compressed air, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, anti static cloths and water. You can find the compressed air can at computer dealers. Never use cotton ball in place of cotton swabs when you clean computer. It may not provide the desired result.

Turn off the computer and disconnect the power supply when you start to clean computer. With the help of the screw driver open the case opposite to your mother board. Do not touch the inside parts of computer frequently. Keep your fingers away from the cards and cords when you clean computer.

Then blow air from the compressed air can around all the components of your computer. The nozzle of the can should be four inches away from the machine. The inside cover should be wiped with a light moistened cotton cloth.

After you clean the inside of the case, start to clean the outside. Dip the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Then give a gentle wipe to the outer side with this cotton swab. After the outside is cleaned properly, clean the keyboard. Keyboard has the maximum chance to gather dust as they have the maximum exposure to the outside. Clean the keyboard with the help of the cotton swab. While cleaning make sure the cotton swab is damp not wet. If it will be wet, further problems can occur.

Clean the monitor with the help of the moist paper towel softly. While cleaning, do not spray liquid directly on the screen. Spray the liquid on the cotton cloth and clean the monitor with that cloth.

After cleaning all the equipments, connect the power supply only when they are dry. Perform this cleaning once in every three months to make the life span and performance of your computer satisfactory.

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