Help! How Do I Fix My Computer Because it Keeps Crashing?

How do I fix my computer because it keeps crashing is a common question that is asked everyday by many frustrated computer owners. The fact is, there can be many reasons as to why your computer is continuously crashing. Viruses in your registry, ad ware, and spy ware can be the main causes to why your computer keeps on crashing. Here are some tips on how you can fix your computer from crashing.

Backing up your information

Before you do anything to your computer, you should back up your data. This way, if you do have a virus or you accidentally erase something that you did not want to erase, you can get your data back. Windows users should set up a system restore point also, just to be safe.

Invest in a good anti-virus program

There are some very good programs out there that have a free trial so you can check your computer to see if it is infected with a computer virus. There are free anti-virus programs out there also, but be wary of what you download. Some computer viruses, Trojan viruses in particular, will pose as legitimate programs and then when you download the program, the viruses will infect your computer.

Get a registry cleaner

Empty registry keys can cause your computer to slow down or even crash. Cleaning the registry can also get rid of hidden viruses you may have that could cause your computer to crash. Like anti-virus programs, there are free and paid versions you can try. If you are downloading a registry cleaner off the Internet, make sure you download the program from a trusted website.

Deleting unwanted or unused programs

Delete unwanted programs. Having programs on your computer that you do not use can cause your computer to slow down or start crashing. Just go to your control panel and then click on add/remove programs and then click uninstall on the ones you do not use anymore. This will free up your hard drive and will help your computer perform faster and can solve your computer crashing problem. Having conflicting programs can also be your problem. By deleting some programs you might clear up your problem.

Using these methods will not only help your computer from crashing, it will help your computer to run faster.