My Computer Is Running Really Slow

My computer is running really slow. This is a normal question I am asked when I am walking about the plant, checking everything out. I have managed to become the IT guy, without even working in IT. This is probably just the result of me fixing the shop floor computers all of the time. This has led to many of the people asking me these types of questions, in hopes I can shed some light for their problems at home. And it seems to me, the biggest problem is their computer is running really slow.

This problem is really the result of keeping the computer cleaned out and up to date. There are so many issues at hand which can lead to a slow running computer. I will cover a couple of the quick fixes you can do to help speed things up.

You probably have too many programs running in the background. When you install software, it will somehow manage to slip into the start up section of Windows. This means every time you boot up, these entire programs launch in the background. This takes additional computer resources, such as memory, to run. Which in turn, leaves a smaller portion available for your standard programs? You will need to shut these down.

Go to Start, then Run, then type in msconfig, and click ok. In the popup window, go to the “Start Up” tab. Here are all of the programs running in the background. Please be careful which ones you shut down. Some of these need to be running. But anything with Adobe, HP, and Microsoft Messenger can be disabled. This will allow the computer to not only run faster, but also to start up faster.

The other easy, but often neglected, option is to run a registry repair software. Registry keys are what tell the computer how to run software and hardware. If these keys get messed up, you will have some serious computer errors, and your computer will definitely be slower. This type of program will scan you computer for errors, tell you what the errors are, and then fix them. It really is that easy.

So, if your computer is running really slow, those are the first two places I would go. If you can fix both of these areas, you will very please, and you will have a much faster computer. No more stalling, or errors, just a computer running at the original speed.

Michael Baker is a Computer Optimization Technician, and recommends getting a Free Computer Scan to fix any problems such as computers freezing, locking up, restarting for no reason, and getting the blue death screen.