Scope of Internet Marketing in India

The dawn of the internet era opened up amazing new possibilities. Impossible is not a word anymore! India has also joined the bandwagon and the numbers themselves do all the talking. The latest statistics* reveal that 400 million people access internet regularly in India and that is jump of 700% in last six years. And, here comes the best part; the internet users as of now comprise of only 3.6% of the population. Now you can imagine the scope of internet marketing in India!

Now that we have come to terms with the tremendous scope of internet marketing in India, we have to understand that marketing through the internet can be an entirely different ball game. In fact it is a potent combination of technology and marketing acumen.

If you too want to hop into the online business bandwagon, the first aspect is developing/ hosting of your website. Then you can employ any one or all of the internet marketing techniques mentioned here and they are:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search engine marketing has of late become one of the principle tools in the armory of the Sauv