Using SEO to save your business

What kind of online business do you have? Do you own a blog, ecommerce store, eBay business, or even niche websites? No matter what kind of business you have online there is always a way to get more money out of it and the way is very simple, SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization which means that you are making a site that is targeting certain keywords in order to make it better for the search engines to know what it is about.Why does SEO work so well? Do you know what most people do when they are online? Yes, they do log into Facebook but that won¡¯t help here, most people go to Google or Yahoo and do a search for whatever it is they are looking for. So if millions of people are doing searches don¡¯t you want to be found there? That is why SEO is so important, you need to be where the traffic is and I know just how to do that so your business will start making more money. SEO tips for online businessesEstablish 4 keywords ¨C First of all, do you know what keywords are and why they are important to SEO? If not, keywords are the words that people might type into a search engine and you want to have at least 4 so more people can find you. For instance if I had a website that sold dog leashes I would want to have my 4 keywords as; dog leashes, retractable dog leash, pet leash, and small dog leash. The most important part about the keywords is that they relate to your site and the product you are selling. Link building ¨C Next on the list is link building. Once you have established your 4 or more keywords you need to start building links to your site using those keywords. For instance if your keyword was, ¡°Dog leashes¡± you would want to make that your anchor text for the link pointing back to your site. This is how search engines know what sites are about what.Not all business know what SEO can do for them but once you check it out you will see that it can help you make money quickly.