Will SEO or PPC work best for your Internet Business

As an Internet Business Owner you have a plethora of potential customers. The online community is a large market place that cannot easily be overlooked.

At the same time, the internet also poses quite another challenge. The easy access that the internet provides also gives you as much competition as you can imagine. It is too crowded and congested.

Building a good site is not enough to get your business running and able to compete. You must look at other alternatives to give potential customers a way to visit your website at any rate or opportunity possible to ensure success.

You have to expose your website. Get it seen. It has to be visible. It has to be repeatedly visited by your target market.

At some point most people realise that to be effective they need to invest in marketing. That can be of time or money or ideally both. The 2 most popular and effective strategies for marketing are SEO and PPC.

1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Research shows that 60% – 70% of internet surfers and users most often resort to using the Google search engine to find and locate websites and pages, for any topic they desire. SEO is the process taken to make sure that the internet users will find your website when ranked among the top results of a particular search. This way you can make sure that you will be visible and clearly stand out from the rest.

Promoting your website with search engine optimization relies on the process of IBLN or “Independant Back-Linkning Networks” where hundreds or ideally thousands of other websites will be used to point or “link” back to your website. This can be very time consuming as you build all the backlinks but is absolutely worth the effort.

If your marketing strategy involves time rather than money, then SEO is the best choice for you. However it is worth saying, this is not a fast process. Expect to spend 6 months or more working on this strategy. The benefits of this are long term, and relatively inexpensive to implement.

2. PPC

PPC means Pay Per Click. It gives you an effective way of advertising on a search engine. These are the sponsored listings that you see whenever you make a search. You will be charged whenever a visitor or web surfer clicks on any of your ads. There will first be a bidding process. The successfull bidder for the price per click will definitely get the chance to be listed first in the search engine.

With this kind of strategy, you can still basically control your campaign as you get to create your own ad. You will also manage the target audience and still stay within the bounds of your budget. Most of the providers of PPC advertising will allow you to specify the target market, either by topic, industry or geographical location. You can also very well check if your ad gets to be shown at all and if it is competitive with the rest.

There can be some definite benefits when you maximize your PPC strategy.

1. Quick and simple to implement, with a large target audience.

2. At first glance, PPC advertising may seem very expensive. Could it possibly happen that someone out there will repeatedly click on your ad? This will definitely give you a large bill without the expected profit on your part. If this provides a lot of worries, be rest assured that there is protection for you. Providers often monitor fraudulent clicks.

3. Easily manage your budget, when your specified cap is reached your ad will no longer be diplayed.

4. Flexible enough to stay current with changing market trends.

In deciding which of the two strategies will work best for you, think of your goals and of your resources. They definitely both offer benefits and advantages. The best way to approach this is to evaluate according to your short term and long term plans. Take the PPC course for your short term goals and choose SEO if you have long term ones.

The world is your oyster! There are literally millions of customers walking right past your shop if you can only turn on the lights and be seen. The secret is massive action my friend! Set your goals, study your options and get started today!