Rackmount Computer Power Supplies

Rackmount computer power supplies include voltage regulators, isolation transformers, transient voltage suppressor, power connectors, transformers, and computer regulator transformers. Power supplies are one of the most common elements that fail in a computer. They are rated by the number of watts they generate.

Various components in the computer have different voltage requirements. Rackmount power supplies come with Molex connectors for the motherboard, drives, fans, and other components. Most connectors are color-coded and only fit one way to make installation easy. Other features of rackmount power supplies include fan cooling, short circuit protection, integral heat sink, remote on or off switches, over current protection, over voltage protection, and power factor correction.

Rackmount computer power supply accessories include cables, testers, power adapters, power supply load resistor, and batteries. There are a wide range of computer motherboard styles and cases available for rackmount computers. High quality rackmount computer power supplies help to reduce the noise and heat produced within the computer system. Voltage protection and automatic fan speed adjustment enable the stability of your system.

The most important feature of a rackmount computer power supplies is its compatibility. Most of them come with case screws, installation manual, plug, and warranty. They generally use the latest manufacturing technology and highest standards. In addition, they meet a variety of safety and emission certifications.

The majority of rackmount computer power supplies are high quality products designed to fit any configuration. Industrial grade protection prevents damage due to short circuits, power overloads, excessive current, low voltages, and excessive voltages. Some of them have gold plated connectors for superior conductivity.

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