SEO business in diversified Categories

As Search Engine Optimization is a thriving industry, it has drawn the attention of numerous search marketing agencies, forthcoming and established businesses. Many companies are looking for Search Engine Optimization for their websites to pull in more and more business. There are different kinds of agencies lying out from established consultancies that offer quality search engine optimization service like fly-by-night “SEO professionals” making a person able to earn a handsome amount of money.What kind of SEO agency you prefer may depend on the kind of business that you have. Given below are some of the SEO categories that are common in the industry.1. Fly by night search engine agencies offering cheap SEO: There are a lot of firms that claim to have developed tools to do SEO automatically. Some other SEO agencies are intended to get business by offering SEO at very low costs. However, how fruitful both these forms of SEO are of no bound. Many SEO experts are not sure as to how effective both these practices are. In most of the cases, when SEO firms have offered very low cost SEO or tool based SEO, it has led to clients being dejected with the results and spending more money on clearing the mess created.2. Full service search engine marketing agencies: The field of operation of the Multi – National, full service search engine marketing agencies is vast. Therefore, they hardly find small businesses attractive. They can also be tremendously extravagant for small and upcoming businesses. Most of these firms are venture funded. They need to operate at a large scale so that they can be a successful in business venture. This leads to high costs of services.3. Boutique SEO