Email Marketing: Money Is In The List!

Have you ever explored the email marketing catch line – “Money is in the List”. Email marketing has been rendered as the most effective means to bring targeted audience to your website. One email in the potential inbox eventually means “sales”.

Email marketing is also synonymous with “being in touch”. Remember out of sight is out of mind. You always need to keep in touch with your potential clients to bring them to your website. Which is the more effective way than email marketing to keep calling them back for something of their interests?

If you have the art of writing a killing sales letter then email marketing can mean profits for you. If you are not writing a sales letter then a simple newsletter about new arrivals or new features on your website may also mean returning visitors. You should remember that email marketing is not spamming. Your email should carry useful and substantial information rather than any junk text. If your email does not carry any valuable information, your whole purpose of email marketing campaign is defeated.

A good subject line for the on-floor email marketing campaign is equally important. Remember, the subject line is eventually what makes the person open an email or put it in the trash can. Write a compelling subject line that would make the person open it and read it. You can start by asking simple questions in your subject line that would make someone stop and think for a minute. If you can make someone stop and think for a minute means you can make sales. Refrain from using the FREE, CHEAP, BEST…as they are overly used words that have lost their significance over a period.

Make your email marketing campaign more successful by offering something that is real. Do not make any offers that are too good to be true. Your email marketing effort should never solicit to making false promises or anything that is too low than your profit margins. Offering lower than your profit margin eventually defeats the whole purpose of email marketing campaign.

If you have business related to training sessions, seminars, events, local shows, etc. it is good to keep your email marketing campaign targeted to the local audience. The email can be short and sweet and may contain an RSVP link like “Register now.”

Direct email marketing campaign keeps you in touch with your customers. They remember you not by your face but your website. Your website acts as the missing link between product showcase and the sales. You can have hundreds of visitors but zero sales. Before beginning any email marketing campaign analyze what remains lacking with your website or your advertising that does not convert a visitor into a buyer. Aim your email marketing campaign or design it in such a way that you not only have increased traffic but also generate sales from such visitors.


Jeffrey Greer owner of Ever Enterprise, providing marketing solutions and information to assist online businesses. Email Marketing is only one aspect to gaining your online presence. Visit Ever Enterprise today for more ways on gaining the marketing edge on your competition.