Necessary Factors of SEO Success

SEO also has his own original criterion, and has his experience, which must be like a pregnant during pregnancy, very fragile, careless. SEO principles originated in highly confidential search engine algorithms. A successful project of SEO has three factors: strategy, execution and time. Time is crucial in a project; because whatever we do all need time. What I longed for is time when carrying out the project. After doing a lot of SEO project, I suddenly felt SEO thought idea comes first, but execution is the first, time the second. Strategy decides the height, execution, the length.

As Mr Ma said:”If one hand is the first-class idea and the third-rate executive team, another hand is the third-rate idea and the first-class execution team, he will not hesitate to choose the latter “. The execution of is amazing. Also the execution of SEO determines whether we are success or not. In SEO industry there are many talented strategy makers, and also a lot of stupid performers.

The first factor of successful SEO projects is strategy. SEO strategies include search engine optimization (SEO principles, methods, working experience, distribution and time control and industry chromatography, competitors, and the user community study and analysis, the site itself, flux statistic analysis), etc.

The second factor of successful SEO projects is execution. As for SEO execution, sure-to-be-talked-about three departments: technology department, production department and information department, where the last SEO operation has gone. Basically, the most important part is production department, if technology department only manage himself, not too much to participate in product and marketing strategy formulation, and if the product strategy is far from the SEO itself and technical ability, so this may lead to SEO project failure.

The last factor of successful SEO project: time. Time is the influence of SEO. SEO industry has an unspoken rules cycle (a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year). Most of the SEO projects will last four months. Basically if products, technology and information department dispute over trifles and discuss this project that will be very dangerous, so we take 3 months of SEO project as a pregnant woman, very fragile, careless. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 SEO industry project cycle is 3 months, when it is not so standard, such as the black hat, cheating wanton flying, the mistakes. The chances of success and failure are fifty-fifty, but today, search engine (especially baidu) algorithm has changed. It is hard to realize the effect in baidu during three months. I suggest baidu optimization can be carried out gradually.