Internet Direct Marketing Strategies

Whether you are dealing with the conventional methods of marketing or are marketing via the Internet, the objective of every business is the same: to reach your target market effectively with the least amount of effort while getting significant returns on your investment

According to Internet marketing analysts, pop-ups are the most effective method of direct marketing strategies ever conceptualized. However, pop-ups do not exactly have a sterling reputation. You, as an online user yourself, are probably annoyed with them. You are not alone. A lot of people using the Internet consider pop-ups a nuisance.

Pop-ups, like their name suggests, pop up automatically as a new browser window. The normal practice is simply to close the pop-up window, so it is widely argued that they are not effective as a means of marketing. But contrary to popular belief, pop-ups can make you money. In 2004, an Internet marketer earned over $2,000,000 using pop-ups alone.

Over the years, software security developers have created pop-up blockers. Even the newest browsers now have built-in pop-up blockers to control annoying pop-up advertisements. Interestingly, Internet marketing companies have found innovative ways to get past the barring mechanisms employed by software companies. These companies have developed pop-ups that circumvent pop-up blocking functions simply because they have realized that when used effectively, pop-ups increase customer response by 20 percent.

The new and improved pop-ups can be controlled and you can assign them to appear in a specific area of the computer screen. You can allow users to close the pop-up window only after a specific period of time. You can keep track of the number of times a pop-up has appeared on a user?s screen as well as the number of times a visitor to your website actually clicked on the link. What?s more, you can easily design these pop-ups to be radically different from other more conventional pop-ups.

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