The Fundamentals of SEO

Building blocks for site engine optimization

Site engine optimization or SEO is the process of setting up the website in such a way that it is accessible to both human traffic and the engine crawlers. SEO is divided into two main branches that both have to be addressed in your strategy. The first branch is the on page SEO. This involves all the activities that you undertake on the website itself in order to make it accessible. It might include things such setting up the Meta tags and the coding for the website. The second major branch of SEO is the off page system. This includes all the activities that you do away from the page with the express aim of ensuring that the website is accessible. Most consultants can do both branches but you might feel a bit more comfortable if you were dealing with a specialist for each branch. In the on page SEO you are expected to build consensus around the need to develop the product with a view to basic principles of efficiency. If you do not do the on page SEO then your marketing strategy will fall flat.

This is often taken to be the most boring part of the SEO suite but in my opinion it is exactly what you make of it. If you add interest to the way that you manage your website then it is likely that the on page SEO will not be a boring task for the professionals that are working on the project. However if you do not take this attitude and just do the needful, then the tasks will become mundane. The people that do on page SEO testify to the great potential that it has to transform the way in which we build websites. The webmaster certainly has to have a grip on the on page SEO because it is their bread and butter. If you have a webmaster that says that they do not understand on page SEO then you should avoid them like a plague. This is something that comes with the territory and they should be able to accomplish it quite comfortably regardless of the overall training that they have received in your organization.

We then move on to the off page SEO. This is the point where you act as if you are on a campaign trail. You will come up with all sorts of activities that are meant to ensure that the profile of your website is up there with the very best. This might mean that you open up avenues that were previously closed to the company. It certainly means that you take a very fresh perspective on the growth of links into that organization. You can build links in a number of ways including the actual dissemination of information. This is information is in the form of articles and press releases. Off page SEO is normally quite rewarding to the clients in terms of the things that they can do. It contrasts with on page SEO because it is in some ways less technical. However this should not give you the complacency to think that you can get away with murder. You have to be prepared to put in the hard work in order to ensure that the website is publicized in the right forums. There are technical and marketing benefits to this sort of thing. From a technical point of view you will get ranking.

From a marketing point of view the SEO will bring you opportunities to expand your customer base. As you do your activities that company will be open to different surfers. In fact some people will visit the website out of curiosity. SEO is not some sort of technical thing that has no relevance for the real world. It is something that is mean to work well on all fronts and it brings benefits to the tables that are very hard to dismiss. In the end you will have a website that is able to stand up to scrutiny from the search engines. You will also have a platform from which to launch your marketing activities. This is a situation whereby you are a winner on different fronts. That is the power and value of SEO. The executives that do not take it seriously are likely to get a bite on their hand in due course because they will be losing the profitability that might have kept them in business for a very long time indeed.

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