Computer Cooling Fans – Getting the Heat Off Your Machine

Have you ever wondered why your machine has computer cooling fans inside it? From the name itself, you can already deduce that these fans are intended to cool your computer. But is there absolutely necessary for your computer to have these fans? In order to answer this question, one has to closely examine the close relationship between machine performance and the heat produced by the numerous computer components.

The biggest or smallest size computers have different components that allow it to function properly and in a timely manner. Some of these are the central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), hard drive, and many other components in form of chips spread across the main computer board.

When the computer is in operation, these components produce heat to a point that some of them have even the capacity to give your fingers a nasty burn. The high temperature of these components can damage them and in order to ensure that their temperature remains manageable, computer cooling fans are used.

There are some first generation desktop computers which do not have any cooling fans on their casings. This was because their designers have decided that computer fans just destroy the general appearance of their desktop machines. However, to the annoyance of end users operating these computers, the heat generated by their machines is so extreme that it causes some chips to be dislodged off the main board. This causes the screen to display garbled data. In some cases, the disk of users would come out of its slot partially melted due to the hot environment inside the computer case.

In fact, when cooling fans on modern computers fail, users immediately sense that drop in their computing speed. This only shows that there is a direct relationship between the performance of your machine and the heat dissipation made possible by computer fans. This is why until now, most desktop computers are equipped with fans to help the various components, particularly the CPU, maintain a tolerable temperature.

While it is true that there are some laptop computer models that do not have built-in cooling fan, users buy separate fan pads to help dissipate the heat on their computers. This just goes to prove that indeed, computer cooling fans, by themselves, are also important components of any computer system. So if the temperature on the surface of the case of your desktop computer is unusually high, try to see if the fans are still working. This may be a bit of a nuisance thing to do for you, but it could also be the very act that could save you from a greater trouble.

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