Custom Build Computers Vs Branded Computers

When it comes to purchasing a new computer, most people prefer looking for a branded system. This is because a branded computer comes with the assurance of a reputed computer manufacturing company that has been serving consumers for many years.

The trend of custom build computers started a few years ago. This helped customers to buy a PC as per their requirements. Today, there are many custom builders that offer services online and on-site these days. Unfortunately most consumers do not have any idea about how beneficial a custom build computer can be for them.

This article will help let you know about the pros and cons of custom build and branded computers.

Brand Computer Cons:

These computers are produced in mass. This means that there is no stopping to the manufacturing once the requisite lot is completed. The purchase of hardware for brand computer is also done in mass. This makes most of the components of the computer either of inferior quality or imported from China.

The branded computers usually contain many things that you may not require. For instance, if you do not want a lot of space, a graphics card or any of the high-end multimedia applications, it is not possible to remove these features and cut down on the cost of the computers.

Most of the branded computers are preloaded with garbage ware. These tend to slow down the computer. Brands do not ensure hard copy of windows. This may create a problem for you in the future.

Brand Computer Pros:

The only advantage of a branded computer is that you can purchase it from the market with things preinstalled in it.

Cons of Custom Build Computers:

There is only one disadvantage of custom build computers. The problem is that you require purchasing an additional Windows version. This may cost just a little more.

Pros of Custom Build Computers:

There are numerous advantages of designing a computer as per your specific requirements. You can easily choose everything as per your desire including important elements such as CD burner, DVD burner, processor case, size of hard drive, memory, video card, blue-ray player, video card, power supply and a lot more. This makes your computer more professional and affordable. It is easy to set your own PC specifications and budget when using custom build computers.

The support from custom builders is just a call away. Most of the times, customer and after sales services are not charged by custom builders.

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