When Organic SEO Is Not Really Organic

Normally, Organic SEO refers to search engine optimization efforts that result in traffic from search engine results i.e. non-sponsored results. But there are some finer distinctions to be made when the methodologies to achieve these results are taken in to account. Many SEO companies take help of black hat techniques to achieve higher search engine rankings. Black hat are those techniques which are aimed at exploiting loopholes in search engine algorithms and trying to game them. These techniques almost always violate guidelines given by search engines. Results achieved by black hat SEO techniques do not last long as search engines wise up to the fact that some SEO consultants are trying to game the search algorithms. Many times, sites indulging in black hat SEO are penalized and are banned from search results altogether. This can be a serious blow to a website. Today we will discuss what separates “Real Organic SEO” from “Fake Organic SEO”

A SEO company which believes in real organic SEO will place very high premium on creating a site that is useful for users and visitors. Such sites without exception are placed at the top of search results. Whereas, sites which have been propped up by SEO techniques aimed at gaming an algorithm though successful in shorter run, find them in internet black hole whenever search engines update their algorithms. Search engines frequently update their algorithms so that their search results are genuine and helpful to searchers. The search results should be most relevant and authentic. Black hat SEO practitioner spam search results for the benefit of their websites, however, during these updates such sites are weeded out.

Real organic SEO consultants know that for a website to be truly popular, it needs to be informative and be a valuable resource for its user. Wikipedia, Facebook and twitter are testimony to this fact. These sites serve very valuable function and hence are extremely popular without need of any SEO. Now, you will ask how this can be relevant to small websites such as a site for plumbing company. A website for a plumbing company can have informative articles about Do it yourself, common symptoms, tips and maintenance advices etc. Visitors as well as search engines will see this website as a resource and hence its chances of good search results is much high. Not only this several blogs and website will link to this website as this is a website with valuable information. This will mean free highly relevant inbound links which are so crucial for higher rankings. Such sites will always be on top regardless of algorithm updates.

On the opposite spectrum a SEO company may plan campaign which only involves getting reciprocal links through links exchange, one way links through paid links, keyword stuffing. There is no arguing the fact that they will get results but come the next Google update, these SEO consultants will be biting their nails in anticipation. Only if they are even concentrated half their efforts on improving the content of their website.

In short, a website with good and relevant content will attract inbound links. Such website are viewed as an authority and a resource and hence do not have to resort to black hat SEO tactics for short term gains.

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