Making Your Machine Faster With These Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

Computers are made to be fast, reliable, and efficient. They are designed to be used every day and have no issues. However, this only happens when computers are new, but as the computers ages, they always boot so slow or will act unusual. The worst part, it will stop working for no known reason.

Computers run slow because of the situation happening from its software to its hardware. The most common cause is the proliferation of malwares and viruses that clog the system. Or perhaps, programs and junk files already occupy too many spaces in the storage unit. Operating system usually uses a space in the hard drive to have its virtual memory, without the extra space, will slowdown the PC. Other causes would be hardware failures or below specification issues.

The problem that computer users are now facing is how to make their PC run faster. Unfortunately, most of the tips to speed up computers are very technical that ordinary people cannot understand.

The good news is this article will give you tips on how to speed up your computer and explain it in a way that ordinary computer users can understand.

First on the list of our tips to speed up computers is always performing defragmentation to your hard drive twice a month. Fragmentation occurs when files of the computer program are not saved on the same location inside the storage device. This is an inevitable happening as you use your computer over time. To do a defrag, just click start at the desktop screen, then all programs, then accessories, then system tools, and select disk defragmenter.Next on the tips to speed up computers is cleaning the computer registry. This software is usually free to download online or offered on a free trial basis. Continued use of computer, removing applications not using the Add or Remove Program of an operating system, and the obliviously moving of objects or files in the registry makes these registries displaced and slows the computer down.Third tips to speed up your computer are to use spyware and virus remover. These malicious wares are made to fill in all memories in RAM and spaces in hard drives making the system sluggish and boot longer.Another tip to speed up computer is to do a disk cleanup. It improves the performance of your computer by deleting junk files in the system that fills spaces in your computer hard drive. Storage space is needed by operating systems to have its virtual memory, without it the computer will run slow. To do a disk cleanup, just click the start icon, then all programs, then accessories, then system tools, and choose disk cleanup.

If these simple tips to speed up your computer fail, try to upgrade your hardware. Probably your computer is already out of specification for the programs you are using, or they are already worn out and needs to be replaced. Also, search online or ask the help of a technician for more tips to speed up your computer.

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