A Computer Running Slow: A Must Know for PC Users

Every time you turn on your pc and do your daily thing, you always get upset of the sluggish performance of your computer. You always ask yourself, “Why is this computer running slow?”There is a bright side in your situation. What is that? You are not alone. All over the world, people are having problems with their computer running slow. It is a common situation for a computer to get slow as it aged. In fact, old computers can be 10 times slower than it was new.

The problem in this predicament is that, we users have no idea how these machines end up so sluggish. We end up in an aftermath of an unknown event. The question again is, “Why is my computer running slow?”

Here are some of the reasons why your computer is running slow, and give you ideas on how to avoid it.

The most common cause in making your computer running slow is malwares and viruses. These are malicious programs that attached themselves to your precious files and replicate to clog your system. You can avoid these programs by neither not opening dubious emails nor visiting websites with malicious programs content and downloading files from unknown source. Try also to install security software to protect your pc and anti-virus and anti-malwares to clean those unwanted menace.Slow running computer is also caused by too many programs installed in your pc. This makes your computer startup to overload. By removing unnecessary programs, this will help prevent the computer running slow scenario.If the computer registry is corrupted, it will cause performance problems such as computer running slow, shutting down by itself, and disruption in the computer programs. Registries are the control codes in your operating system; it is usually damaged when a program is not deleted by Add and Remove Programs. To avoid this, try not to install programs that you do not need or will uninstall it immediately. If deleting the program cannot be avoided, always use the Add and Remove Programs in the control panel option of your operating system.Too many junk files. Those trashes will really make your computer running slow. They occupy big space in your hard drive. If the storage is slow, it affects the performance of the system because operating systems also use space in the hard drive for virtual memory. To remove those unnecessary files, click the start icon, then all programs, then accessories, then system tools, and select disk cleanup.Lastly, it must be the hardware that causes computer to run slow. Probably your hardware is already obsolete, and the programs you are using are already telling those are below system requirement. Or perhaps, it is because the wear and tear of your computer that makes its components not working efficiently. Have it maintained or probably it is time to purchase a new one.

These are just some of the reason why computer is running slow. Perhaps a further research will add some more to this reason.

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