NEMA Computer Provides Long Lasting Waterproof Computing

The NEMA computer provides long-lasting ruggedized computers with exceptional workmanship for a variety of industries such as: manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical production, OEM machine builders and more. The PC is designed both internally and externally to withstand extreme weather conditions. These ruggedized computers are tested and retested to ensure that they will provide maximum longevity and productivity.

Use the NEMA computer for multiple industry needs. Each PC is tested and retested within the factory and is designed to withstand the harshest of work conditions while providing exceptional longevity and maximum performance. There are multiple benefits from utilizing the high-efficiency, cutting edge industrial panel units. They are used in many industries including food production, medical care, pharmaceutical production, and more. New industry standards are being met with the ruggedized computers. The entire stainless steel casing is 100% waterproof as well as 100% hygienic. The casing is washable with the harshest of industry-standard chemicals as well as boiling water. The internal design is strategically designed to withstand vibration and other extremes without malfunctioning. The internal boards within are designed to withstand vibration without losing data or shutting down. The entire unit is designed both externally and internally to maintain long life and high performance despite extreme conditions.

The NEMA computer provides maximum capability in extreme conditions including vibration, shock, heat, cold, dirt, dust, oil and other extreme indoor or outdoor conditions. Through the use of a variety of options including brackets, UPS environments, resistant keyboards, product data acquisition, and more, a number of expansion opportunities exist. The use of these industrial panel units provides the ability to limit hindrances in productivity. Some benefits include streamlining operations, 24 hour operability, and quicker access through the industrial panel touch screen, product data acquisition, process visualization, and more. The medical arena especially utilizes the units due to their hygienic capabilities. The waterproof computers are encased in a protective stainless steel exterior which is resistant to boiling water and high strength industry required cleansers. The unit is guaranteed 100% hygienic. They are also particularly favored in the medical field due to their ability to view both medical records and visual tests results quickly and easily on the industrial panel.

NEMA computers are 100% void of grooves, indentations and hinges. The touch screen capabilities are easily accessible even while wearing industry-standard gloves and are designed for easy readability even in the harshest of environmental conditions such as extreme cold, glaring light, extreme heat and rain. These units can be used both indoors and outdoors. Digital imagery such as x-rays, MRI results, medical records and more are easily accessible and quickly viewable. The ruggedized computers meet all electromagnetic as well as electronic industry requirements and provide necessary operations for medical industry workers, pharmaceutical production, as well as physicians.

PCI slots are provided and are easily tailored for specific industry requirements including food production and sales, pharmaceutical production and medical care. Peripherals are available including printer, Ethernet cord, keyboard and more. The waterproof computers are designed to withstand water jet pressure of 1500 PSI and are also capable of withstanding extreme cold and heat, dust, bacteria, vibration, shock and more. These long-lasting ruggedized computers provide exceptional workmanship for a variety of industries such as: manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical production, OEM machine builders and more. Contact NEMA computer experts to find out more about how these amazing units can benefit your industry needs by enhancing production and maximizing longevity. Consistent updates are provided.

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